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10:00 am: Registration
10:30 am: Tour of the AT&T built DAS System at Citizens Bank Park. 
Tour will include Comcast Access Points in Ashburn Alley
12:00 pm: Lunch
1:00—2:15 pm: Panel 1: Citizens Bank Park Tour Review
& Case Study
2:30—3:45 pm: Panel 2: DAS Infrastructure: Optimization,
Design, Integration, Construction
4:00—5:15 pm: Panel 3: Emergency & Healthcare Communications
Reception in the Phillies Hall of Fame Club
immediately after educational event
PANEL   1  Citizens Bank Park Tour Review and Case Study
   the tour will include Comcast Access Points in Ashburn Alley  
MODERATOR Bert Stern   Centerline Communications
SPEAKERS Brian Lamoreaux   Phillies
  Rusty Nelson  Comcast
  Dave Sampat  AT&T
  Jeff Tistan  AT&T
Ron Plecas Commscope
PANEL 2 Small Cell and DAS Infrastructure
SPEAKERS Aaron Cunningham    AT&T
  Steve Boyle   Former VP Network Deployment MetroPCS-Philadelphia
  Eric Ritter   Network Building & Consulting
  Christopher Connor  Comcast
  Jeff Reale  Intenna Systems
PANEL 3 Emergency & Healthcare Communications
MODERATOR Doug Fishman  Squan
SPEAKERS Jim Shillow   Penn State Hosp
  Steven Kuller   PA State Police
  Dennis Rigney   SoLid
  Kevin Casey   Temple
  Captain Stein   FDNY
  John Facella   Stream Wireless

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Thank You from PWA President Chris Pleibel 

Members,                                            November 12, 2013 

November 6, 2013 the PWA hosted a DAS event at Citizen Bank Park that was extremely well received and executed.  Our host, the Philadelphia Phillies accommodated on a top-notch event with ample support staff, high levels of service and complete access to their superior venue.  Without the Phillies support and willingness to host a tour of the DAS system for 200 people, this event would not have happened.  Thank you Brian Lamoreaux and the Phillies.    

The day started with a tour of the ATT neutral host DAS within Citizen Bank Park.  The tour stops include the  AT&T equipment room, Verizon equipment room, Comcast Wi-Fi access points in Ashburn Alley, antennas and remotes throughout the concourse and individual pictures from within the Philles dugout.   The tour proved to be very beneficial in understanding the scope of a public venue DAS; size, planning, logistics and shear amount of materials required for just two carriers.   

After lunch, we had three engaging and informational panel discussions.  The first panel, moderated by Bert Stern of Centerline and the PWA, was a case study of the DAS in Citizen Bank Park where ATT, the Phillies, Comcast and CommScope shared the challenges and successes of the deployment.   

The second panel, moderated by Kim Stokes of TEKO, was a discussion on Small Cell and DAS infrastructure.  There was a strong focus on the deployment of small cell versus DAS and backhaul for small cell.  Michael Kuczura of Alcatel-Lucent generously offered first hand experience and expertise about the small cell world from the OEM perspective.  The panel provided ample insight to the complimentary role of small cell and DAS in various environments.  

The third panel was packed with information that was slightly outside the commercial telecom DAS environment, howeverthe discussion provided ample insight to the public safety and health care demands related to DAS  Both health care and public safety present unique challenges for communication and communication systems.  This discussion brought these challenges to light and proved there is a viable market for vendors and service providers who have the proper resources.   

I am truly grateful to all the new members and new faces that we saw at Citizen Bank Park.  It was  inspiring to see that the association is building strength in numbers and growing outside the legacy membership.   The new companies, the new sponsors and the new faces all make these events more meaningful and beneficial to all who are in attendance.   

Personally, I would like to thank all the board members for their support and efforts, but most to Mary Carlisle and Bert Stern for their unselfish dedication to making this event a huge success.  

If you have not joined us on LinkedIn, please search for the Pennsylvania Wireless Association Group and join.  This is a very effective way to communicate to our 1700+ members and partake in industry specific dialog.   

Please take note of our generous sponsors the association would not exist nor would these events happen without their support. 

Thank you, 

Chris Pleibel, President